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Found Kittens?

Don't Panic,
We're Here to Help!

STEP 1: Before picking up kittens off of the street, make sure that there is no momma cat around (as she is their best shot at survival). Often, momma is off getting food for herself and her babies, and hasn't traveled far from her den. If you come across newborn or young kittens, make sure to wait a couple of hours to confirm that these kittens are indeed orphaned, momma should be back for feeding within 2-4 hours. The only times we would recommend taking any kittens without waiting to see if there's a momma cat around (if ever) is if the kittens are in immediate danger (by traffic, or a predator) or if there are extreme weather conditions outside (the temperature outdoors is too hot, or too cold).

STEP 2: Once you have confirmed the kittens are orphan status, you need to start working fast. A newborn kitten's fate without its mother is always a race against the clock. You will need to gather blankets, and a box, as kittens can't regulate their temperatures and need to stay warm. If its a chilly day, you can make a "heating pad" out of a sock stuffed with uncooked rice (microwaved), or a warmed water bottle (that'll need to be re-microwaved every hour or so). Now, if you feel like this is a responsibility you are not ready for, LOOKUP: NO-KILL SHELTERS AND KITTEN NURSERIES IN YOUR AREA. If you are in the San Fernando Valley, or greater Los Angeles area, contact us for help! We are a small association, but every kitten life we can save is an accomplishment, so we try not to turn anybody away!

STEP 3: After contacting us, we will reach out to you within 2-5 days! In the meantime, at the bare minimum, try to purchase kitten milk replacement and a baby animal bottle from your local pet store. Do some quick online searches to figure out how old you think the kitten is (you can use this website: ) and to guess age, and  approximate feeding. Following all heating and mixing directions, try to feed the kitten(s) the KMR milk (15ml or 1 tablespoon at a time). You will need to burp the baby, and stimulate its genitals to make it urinate 15-20 minutes after bottle feeding (you can use a warm cotton ball or baby wipe to tickle/ softly rub the Urethra until the kitten starts trickling urine!)

STEP 4: Hopefully you have heard back from us, or another kitten nursery in your area. if you haven't: keep the kitten warm, feed it every 2-4 hours (depending on its age), burp, make he or she  urinate after every feeding, try to stimulate defecation once a day (though kittens at newborn age sometimes don't defecate on KMR due to constipation), and let them sleep plenty. No need to take the animal to the vet as long as it is looking healthy, eating, and there is no colored discharge around the eyes, nose, or body. Keep up the good work! The kittens appreciate it! Continue this cycle until you hear back from a no-kill nursery, hopefully within a couple of days. . .

STEP 5: Before you hear back from us, you can take that time to decide if you are interested in raising the kitten(s) as a foster with our help, or if you want us to take them off your hands. If you would like to foster, you can learn more info in our "GET INVOLVED" tab up top.

We appreciate all the volunteers we can get, (a great way to acquire volunteer hours to fulfill any type of community service requirement) if not, we understand! THANK YOU FOR BEING A KITTEN WARRIOR AND STOPPING TO HELP SAVE A KITTEN, great job not panicking!

We can provide updates of the whereabouts of any kitten/ litter you brought in yourself. 

Best, KNC

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We wouldn't be able to do what we do without your help.

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