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If you have a passion for animals, a big heart for cats, or if you just think kittens are the cutest and want to get involved, contact us! There are plenty of roles involved, and we can find the right one for you!


As a grassroots effort, we rely on people in our neighborhoods for our success. 


We always appreciate any of the following forms of donations/help: 

  • Monetary donations: Each $1 adds up and the more money we fundraise, the more kittens we can save!

  • Materials: KMR powder (kitten milk replacement) kitten milk bottles and nipples, small bedding/ small blankets, healthy kitten kibbles/ wet food , cat litter, kitten toys, heating pads, crates, kitten flea medication, etc.

  • Volunteer with us!: Become a foster! Time is precious and if we can, we like to rotate litters of kitten amongst our volunteers so no one person is under too much stress (like we mentioned before, newborn kittens are very demanding to raise. waking up every 4 hours to feed them is not an easy job, so we can't thank our volunteers enough)

  • Adopt from us: Give a feral cat off the street a brand new life, the adoption fee goes directly into funding the rescue of kittens in the valley.

  • Sharing our cause as a social media warrior to expand our network of volunteers and adoptees!


Phone: ‪(818) 275-2722‬


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