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Thank you KNC HELP NEPAL Shindhuli Hospi
Thank you KNC HELP NEPAL damak recieving

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Nepal is a small country often forgotten behind the shadows of the two super powers, India & China. With a GDP of only $27.5 bil., the country's economy and public health infrastructure is not prepared for the surge of covid cases it is facing. Nepal, who shares an open border with India, is beginning to experience the detriment of the double-mutant covid-19 variant that was recently found in India [variant  B.1.617 ].  On May 5, 2021 Nepal hit an all-time record high of over 8,600 cases in one day, and over 44% positivity rate in covid testing.  Help us provide covid-relief to the people of Nepal, who don't have access to life-saving treatments, vaccines, or testing, before it's too late. People suffering from severe coronavirus are dying without immediate relief, like oxygen. Our goal is to fundraise as much as we can for vaccines and other supplies (oxygen concentrators, PPE, testing, etc.) for people in rural areas who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.


At the beginning of the pandemic, higher income countries were able to make bilateral deals with drug & pharmaceutical companies, securing vaccines before they were even produced. Basically, the most wealthy and powerful countries like the U.S, got vaccines, & poor countries, like Nepal, did not. Like other countries suffering through poverty, Nepal has a lack of health care infrastructure in place, which is disproportionately affecting and KILLING people belonging to the poor and rural areas of the region. This group of people who have the least access to PPE, testing, vaccines, treatment and oxygen, social distancing & quarantining privileges, etc. are also the same group of people that are most negatively impacted by this pandemic, and who we are primarily targeting to provide relief for. This fundraising campaign, HELP NEPAL, is to promote equity in the distribution of treatment & vaccines in the global public health sector, bringing recognition to the gap in who has access to the life-saving resources to fight this pandemic. 

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Thank you KNC HELP NEPAL damak hospital


When comparing the data, cases now are seemingly skyrocketing. By the beginning of March 2021 Nepal had an average test positivity rate of 2.9%. By May, the average test positivity was at a whopping 36.1%, increasing over tenfold in two small months. With cases only on the rise, the country is in a state of national emergency headed towards disaster, and the people need help. Join us in trying to fundraise for immediate relief and preventative measures like oxygen concentrators and vaccines.

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Thank you KNC HELP NEPAL dhulikhel hospi
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We are networking with a handful of governmental hospitals and agencies, in the most affected terai areas of Nepal to deliver and distribute live-saving treatments. Although the process of purchasing covid-vaccines is not yet open to the private sector individually, governmental agencies, organizations, and public hospitals are able to make these purchases, if we are able to gather the funds! We are fundraising for immediate covid-relief supplies like oxygen concentrators, cylinders, and vaccines. We are working towards making a transparent agreement with local buying authorities and hospitals in order to purchase or donate to purchase and directly distribute these products amongst hospitals. After gathering funds, if needed, we will work towards negotiating with various manufactures to pick the most cost-effective, and most efficiently and easily delivered & distributed treatments and vaccines. 

We are currently negotiating the cost of oxygen concentrators in China, if bought in bulk, we are are estimating it to be $80k for 100 pieces. We are estimating the average cost of a single-dose vaccines to be $4, and $20k would fully vaccinate 2,500 people. We will update as more information is confirmed.




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Pushpa Koirala



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